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I Don't Use the Magic Ring Method

Yep, you read the title correctly; I don't use a magic ring to start my amis. 😲 I use the chain 2 method, which is typically associated with beginners who can't figure out a magic ring. I tried to figure how to do a magic ring... but after a few YouTube videos I gave up and just continued using the method I had learned as a newbie. Some people argue that the chain 2 method leaves a huge hole in the top, but I disagree. Let me share with you how I get a smooth, even start to my plushies.

1- I chain 2 and single crochet 6 in the second chain from the hook, but I bury the tail under my single crochets as I go.

2- I leave the tail alone and continue crocheting for about 5 rows.

3- I grab a sewing needle and work my tail under the back of the 6 sc from the first row.

4- I pull the tail to close the ring and make it tighter.

5- I work the tail up under a couple of rows to make sure my work doesn't come loose.

That's it! I'm a die-hard for this method, and if you own any of my patterns you will notice that. If you are a beginner and have any questions about starting out your amis, message me on Instagram! I'll try my best to help you. ❤

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1 commentaire

Netta Soffer
Netta Soffer
08 juin 2021

Ok, this just blew my mind.

You're actually creating the MR through the chain.

This is genuinely genius!

I've been crocheting for a good 10 years now but I have learnt SO MUCH in the past 6 months! It's like I never knew anything at all...

Thank you for contributing your knowledge abd experience! 💖

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