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Valentine Ami Super Pack

Hi friends. ๐Ÿ˜Š I'm very excited to announce that starting tomorrow at 10 am EST, you will have the opportunity to purchase a super discounted pattern bundle from 23 top amigurumi artists! Some of the artists include @storyland_amis, @knot.bad, @lemonyarncreations, @amimaland, and rxy_crocet! I'm honored to be listed among these well-known and talented makers.

A little bit about the bundle:

-It will be available from January 14th-19th

-It will cost 14.99$ which makes each pattern less than 1$

-It includes over 30 patterns

This bundle will give you a plethora of ideas for Valentine's gifts for friends and loved ones, you won't want to miss out, โค

My contribution to the Super Pack is my Chocolate Covered Strawberries pattern! They are a quick project and turn out SO CUTE,

Here's some other adorable patterns included in the bundle:

Burt the Cuddle-sized Bee from Storyland Amis

Cuddly Chat Bubble by Knot Bad Crochet

Cali the Cactus by LaCigogne

Smitten Kitten by Craft Kitty Crochet

Peppermint the Love Elf by Lemon Yarn Creations

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