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FREE Jumbo Hersey Kiss Pattern

You know those ridiculously huge Hersey Kisses you can get that weigh like, a pound? Those were the inspiration behind this pattern! How else would you show your love for someone, aside from a solid pound of chocolate? There really isn't any other way... unless you crochet it instead!

This pattern is perfect for beginners because there isn't any sewing! You just need the following supplies:

  • Worsted weight yarn in white and any color of choosing

  • 3.5 mm crochet hook

  • Stitch marker

  • Sewing needle

  • Scissors

  • Black thread

  • Fiber fill stuffing

Terms Used:

  • ch: chain

  • sc: single crochet

  • HDC: half double crochet

  • inc: increase

  • inv dec: invisible decrease

  • BLO: back loop only

I always use a Clover hook when I crochet, and my favorite yarn is Impeccable Loops and Thread from Micheals... there's so many colors to choose from!

Let's begin.


Starting with a long tail, ch 13 then HDC in the second back bump from the hook and in all remaining bumps. Fasten off and leave at least a 4" tail.


R1: ch 2 then sc 6 in 2nd ch from hook (6)

R2: sc, inc (*3 times; 9)

R3: sc each st (9)

R4: sc 2, inc (*3 times; 12)

R5: sc each st (12)

R6: sc 3, inc (*3 times; 15)

R7: sc each st (15)

R8: sc 4, inc (*3 times; 18)

R9: sc each st (18)

R10: sc 2, inc (*6 times; 24)

R11: sc each st (24)

R12: sc 3, inc (*6 times; 30)

R13: sc 4, inc (*6 times; 36)

R14: sc 5, inc (*6 times; 42)

Pause and grab the 'lil piece of paper you made and using a needle pull both ends through the top of the kiss and double knot the ends to secure it.

R15-19: sc each st (42)

Insert safety eyes between rows 16&17, 5 sts apart. Embroider mouth and pink cheeks!

R20: in the BLO sc 5, inv dec (*6 times; 36)

R21: sc 4, inv dec (*6 times; 30)

R22: sc 3, inv dec (*6 times; 24)

Begin stuffing and make sure the top gets enough too!

R23: sc 2, inv dec (*6 times; 18)

R24: sc, inv dec (*6 times; 12)

R25: inv dec each st (*6 times; 6)

YOU'RE DONE! :D Tag your makes @tinyfriendscrochet or #tinyfriendscrochet so I can see and share your work! Please reach out to me if you have any questions. ❤

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