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Fregg Crochet Pattern 🥚🐸🍞🥓

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Tasty, tasty fregg.

Is he breakfast, or a wild animal?

Does he belong on toast, or in a pond?

I was inspired when I saw Rainylune's frog-egg pins and artwork, and I knew I had to make a crochet version. The best part about this pattern is that it is ✨NO SEW✨! Except Toast... he involves some sewing. I will have a deluxe pattern available for purchase through Etsy eventually! It will include fregg, toast, and maybe fruit or something. IDk

Here's what you will need:

  • worsted weight yarn in white and yellow for Fregg, beige and tan for Toast, and pink for Ham

  • 4 mm (g) crochet hook

  • sewing needle

  • scissors

  • fiber fill stuffing

  • 8 mm safety eyes

  • black thread (to embroider mouth)

  • stitch marker

terms used

-ch: chain

-sc: single crochet

-inc: increase

-BO: bobble

-dec: decrease

-*: repeat

-BLO: back loop only

-HDC: half double crochet

-dc: double crochet

-tr: treble crochet

How to do a bobble: [yarn over, insert through st and pull yarn through]. There are now 3 loops on your hook. [Yarn over then pull through two loops, leaving two loops (or however many loops depending on how many times you have repeated this step) on your hook]. Repeat the bracketed steps, pulling your yarn through 2 loops each time until you end up with 5 loops on your hook. Pull through all 5 loops to finish the st. Push the bobble out, it will be inverted if you don't.

If my written instructions don't make sense, YouTube is invaluable for learning new stitches!

yolk 🐸

Starting with yellow

R1: ch 2, sc 6 in the 2nd ch from hook (6)

R2: inc in each st (*6 times; 12)

R3: sc, inc (*2 times; 6) BO, inc (9) sc, inc (12) BO, inc (15) sc inc (18)

R4: sc 2, inc (*6 times; 24)

-add safety eyes to bobble sts

-embroider mouth

R5-6: sc in each st (24)

R7: sc 7, inc (*3 times; 27)

R8: in the BLO, sc 7, dec (*3 times; 24)

R9: sc 2, dec (*6 times; 18)

stuff fregg

R9: dec each st (*9 times; 9)

Fasten off and weave in ends, using yarn tail to close fregg (might need to sinch tightly to close the hole).

egg white 🍳

using white.

Attach your yarn to the FLO of row 6 of the yolk, on the back of your fregg.

R1: sc 8, inc (*3 times; 30)

R2: sc 4, inc (*6 times; 36)

R3: inc, sc 5 (*6 times; 42)

alternating increases helps make your project rounder!

R4: sc 6, inc (*6 times; 48)

R5: slst in each st (48)

Fasten off and weave in ends

toast 🍞

starting with beige, make 2

R1: ch 13, sc across (starting in 2nd ch from hook; 12) ch 1 and turn

R2-10: sc across (12) ch 1 and turn

R11: (top of the toast) HDC inc, dc, dc, tr, tr, dc & HDC in one st, slst and HDC in one st, dc and tr in one st, tr, dc, dc, HDC inc (16)

now you will crochet around your toast

-Ch 1 and put st marker in ch 1 (it counts as a st) then sc 9 down the side

-inc in corner

-sc 10 across bottom

-inc in corner

-sc 10 up other side

change to tan

-inc in the first st along top of toast, sc in next 14 sts, inc in last st

you are now back at your st marker... you are going to finish sc around with tan,

-sc 10 down the side

-inc in corner

-sc 12 across bottom

-inc in corner

-sc 10 up other side

Fasten off and weave in ends for first slice--if you are making the 2nd one, leave a long enough tail for sewing.

Add safety eyes between rows 7 & 8, 3 sts apart. Embroider mouth.

To attach the two pieces: line them up and whip stitch through the BLO of both pieces to attach. Doing it this way will give Toast very nice dimension and a clean finish. No need to stuff.

ham 🥓

using light pink, make 2

R1: ch 2, sc 6 in 2nd ch from hook (6)

R2: inc each st (*6 times; 12)

R3: sc, inc (*6 times; 18)

R4: sc 2, inc (*6 times; 24)

R5: sc 3, inc (*6 times; 30)

R6: inc, sc 4 (*6 times; 36)

R7: inc, sc 5 (*6 times; 42)

R8: sc 6, inc (*6 times; 48)

*On the first one you make, fasten off and weave in ends. Attach safety eyes between rows 5 & 6, 4 sts apart. Embroider mouth.

*For the second half, do not fasten off. You will slst the two halves together.

-To attach both halves, ch 1 and turn so that your st work will face the correct way on the back of the ham. Slst both halves together. Fasten off and weave in yarn tail.

You are done! If you make Fregg, pls tag me in your posts @tinyfriendscrochet so I can see your cursed... err, I mean beautiful creations.

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